Posted by: David Stewart | February 3, 2011

Running for my life

My nightly ritual is to open up my calendar for the next day and see what meetings have been scheduled. Last night, I saw that today I have a lunch meeting with a former co-worker. My jaw dropped when I saw it.

So I decided I needed to run for my life instead.

Here’s how it played out… last week I was having lunch in our company cafeteria and happened to sit near this co-worker who used to work for me. Well, actually he worked for a manager who reported to me, but this guy had been a real legend at HP, and we had brought him in and relocated him to Oregon, where he proceeded to make a name for himself here. But like other legends, he was very influential, he had a few rough edges. I sometimes got involved in situations to help through some of the rougher times with others. But we have not worked together for about four years.

We chatted a little at lunch, and he told me that we needed to meet, so he could learn about my new project area, because he had been asked to get involved.  I agreed to meet, and suggested he set up a meeting.

But yesterday, I got an email telling me that my friend had died in his sleep unexpectedly over the weekend. So there it was on my calendar for today.  A lunch meeting with my dead friend that he had set up.

Now I realize running and exercise is no guarantee of a longer life. Any given runner can die due to a heart attack on the road or an errant driver. But I hope that running will keep me a little healthier, a little longer.

So I went for a 5.5 mile run today. It was a good, hard run. A good workout.


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