Posted by: David Stewart | February 20, 2011

The faraway peninsula

Deb and I were looking for something different for lunch today, something "out of our comfort zone."

So we headed for North Portland. We pointed the car towards the peninsula of Portland and during the journey consulted the collection of coupons which float in the back seat.

Deb found a coupon for "Po’Shines Cafe de la Soul" which advertizes contemporary soul food and works also to train young people. Sounded far enough away from our comfort zone to meet the bill, so we adjusted our course for the village of Kenton within the bounds of NoPo.

But Po’Shines was closed for a birthday party, so we consulted our friends and phone apps and found a collection of places there in the main drag of the village. We settled on the "Cup & Saucer Cafe". The place had a good vibe and terrific food, though I can see a potential for unhealthy and highly addictive doses of calories, fats and carbs.

I had on omelet with green chilies and pepper jack cheese, and Deb had a scramble with salmon, dill and cream cheese, a reasonable lower-cal alternative to an eggs benedict menu item. Fried taters with the eggs were very nicely seasoned and cooked. I had toast made from spelt, which was much more rich and denser than I expected.  Coffee was acceptable.

Alternatives recommended from friends included:

And in the St John’s neighborhood:

Now, with a little advanced planning, we could be even more successful. Although Deb concluded we don’t have enough ink to live in Kenton.


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