Posted by: David Stewart | March 11, 2011

"Marines! Marines! US Marines!"

"Battle Los Angeles" is the new alien invasion movie with Aaron Eckhart as a grizzled old Marine staff sergeant ready to retire when alien infantry marches onshore and starts colonizing.  "Marines! Marines! US Marines!" they call out as they crash into an abandoned police station hoping to find civilians holed up. As if we didn’t know already.

  • This is truly a love story for the United States Marine Corps. The movie grinds along at a platoon level where your basic grunts are trying to stay alive and finish their mission.
  • Totally derivative elements abound, like the conflict between the old sergeant and the fresh-faced first lieutenant, complete with a pregnant wife.
  • It’s reasonably tense but not unrelentingly so. There were several opportunities to jolt the audience that were missed.
  • The movie is thankfully free of most gloppy elements except when an alien soldier is captured and our heroes start stabbing it in various places to figure out how to kill it.
  • It’s a popcorn movie for sure, not meant to make you think a lot. But it’s not so sappy and patriotic as Independence Day which had some similar elements.

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