Posted by: David Stewart | April 15, 2011

Runner’s World panel at the Boston Marathon

Here is the panel at Boston from RW:
Bart Yasso, Martin Remy, Jennifer Van Allen, Tish Hamilton, Warren Green, Amy Burfoot, Ben Rappaport

Tips for the marathon:
* Plastic to keep warm at the start, take the paper. Sunscreen on the back. Tie grocery bags over the shoes at the start to keep them dry.
* Don’t start too fast. "Hold it" because the first three miles are downhill. At Welesley, you have the temptation to take off.
* Heartbreak Hill – don’t try to run with your face. You had harder hills in training. Relax on the hills. The most glorious running experience is the right on Hereford and left on Boylston.
* The Party Zone (the third wave), is awesome because you can run your pace from the start.
* Mantras: First part of the race to Heartbreak Hill "Pass no one", next is "Don’t Freak Out", then the last 5 miles can be "Hold It Together".
* Savor every step, check in on yourself every mile of it.
* Carbohydrate metabolism – notion of the prerace pasta party. Think about the optimal time for carbo loading is Saturday dinner through Sunday afternoon. Takes 12 to 36 hours for fuel to get to the muscles. Average need for a marathon is 100 calories per mile, so extra 2600 calories. If you could make your meal all carbs would be great. gives the formula.
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