Posted by: David Stewart | June 15, 2011

The Green Lantern: Pretty, but a Bit Shallow

Perhaps the same can be said of pretty-boy Ryan Reynolds, star of The Green Lantern.

  • Hal Jordan, a fearless test pilot is chosen by an ancient race of alien benefactors to be a galactic super-cop.
  • But this pilot has some daddy issues, as does his gal pal Carol Ferris, and must he face his fear if is to triumph.
  • Because after all, it’s "fear" which is the greatest expression of evil in the universe, just as "will" is the greatest good.
  • Fortunately, good and evil are color coded in this world for our convenience – "will" is green, and "fear" is yellow. Of course.
  • For a science fiction movie, the premise is not very scientific. What powers the green lantern? It’s will – "our power source is the combined will of all the creatures in the universe." You mean, you have enslaved the wills of all the creatures in the universe just to be your battery? ("Clap your hands if you believe in fairies".)
  • You see in our world, not all "will" is good, just as not all "fear" is bad. (Work that one out, Green Lantern).
  • These pretty characters have such little motivation and depth that it’s hard to feel too much for them.
  • It is a really gorgeous movie with amazing art work.
  • The climactic battle scene was pretty good, but it was just kind of hard to care about the outcome when the characters are so shallow.

But it was very very pretty.


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