Posted by: David Stewart | October 4, 2011

How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

You want to open a wine bottle with a cork stuck in its neck, but you don’t have a corkscrew?

  • If you carry a Swiss Army Knife, the corkscrew accessory is there for some reason, but you might have had to turn it in at airport security before your flight or forgot to put it in your pocket or purse.
  • In the Champaign region of France, I’m led to believe that a traditional way of opening a bottle of bubbly is with a sword.  It’s called "sabrage." Just whack the head off. Looks like if you are not experienced with it, you would spill a bunch. And if you couldn’t carry a pocket knife on board your flight, you might not be able to bring your Champaign saber on board either.
  • Twist top bottles are invading, I don’t really like them and anyway if you had one of those, you wouldn’t have this problem.

Here’s a method I just learned about in a post called the "The New Rules of Wine."

• First take off the foil capsule, then take off your shoe and fit the base of the bottle snugly in the heel, grasping the toe of the shoe with one hand and the neck and shoulders of the bottle with the other. Too much padding and this’ll take forever, so remove your Dr. Scholl’s.

• Find a hard vertical surface with no give. Keep the base of the bottle firmly connected to the shoe and perpendicular to the wall; you’re driving the bottle into the wall with the shoe as a shock absorber. Don’t be too gentle. Wine bottles aren’t made of little girls.

• Keep an eye on the cork, which should start inching out after a few hard whacks. Once you can see enough cork to sink your teeth into, try loosening it that way. Why? Because it looks bada**.

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Disclaimers: I actually don’t agree with about 50% of the article, but it’s fun to learn new tricks).



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