Posted by: David Stewart | November 14, 2011

A Screaming Good Time in Seattle


Laura and I were trying to do our best screams. How did we do?

We were in the "Scream Booth", part of an exhibit at the EMP Museum called "Can’t Look Away: The Lure of the Horror Film." I have never been a big fan of horror movies, but the exhibit is generally pretty tame. Alone, it’s probably not worth a separate visit to the museum.

What is worth it’s own visit is "Battlestar Galactica: The Exhibition."

Old style toaster with new style Cylon Raider

I have been looking forward to seeing this for months. It includes:

  • Three full-sized space ship props from the 2003 re-imagined show. The Cylon Raider is absolutely the best-designed ship in all of media – it exudes malevolent energy and sleek venom.
  • Props, costumes and production artifacts from both the 1978 and 2003 versions of the show
  • Video exhibits on the music and story development.

There was a model of the 1978 version of the Galactica herself – I wish they had a model of the 2003 ship for comparison.

There was also a fine exhibit on the movie Avatar and an exhibit on Nirvana which was "meh".

There are some changes afoot in Seattle’s iconic Experience Music Project.

Space Needle

The museum formerly went by the moniker "Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame." A bit unwieldy.

The museum is now rebranded as "The EMP Museum" with the subtitle "music + sci-fi + pop culture". I’m not sure what was the motivation for the change.

The upshot is that the fine Science Fiction Museum collection is now gone from view. It may be in storage someplace but it’s a loss as far as I’m concerned.



  1. Both melanie and I saw the BSG exhibition a couple months ago. It was pretty epic.

  2. Shame – had great fun going round the science fiction exhibit with my kids. I hope they can find another home for it, or make it a travelling exhibition.

  3. I’m sure they will make it a traveling show – there are just too many cool artifacts to hide them away.

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