Posted by: David Stewart | November 23, 2011

My pick for 2011 Thanksgiving Wines

For me, the day will start with a morning run with a group who have been running together on Thanksgiving morning for the past 13 years. (Meeting at 9:30AM at Duniway Track in Portland, if you are interested!)

Later in the day, we will gather with friends to eat a Thanksgiving dinner. Last year was an ode to historic California wineries; this year, we’re focusing on Oregon wines.

Martinelli’s Gold Medal Northwest Blend Sparkling Cider – for those who don’t drink or would rather not, we have large quantities of Martinelli’s, which has the festive spirit of Champaign without the alchohol.

2005 Argyle Brut – If you want traditionally made Champaign-style wine with nibbles before dinner, Argyle is a reliable bet.

2006 Belle Pente Estate Reserve Pinot Noir – the star of the dinner table (aside from the dinner itself and the company, of course) will be this special Pinot from the Yamhill-Carlton District in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I think of it as our “anniversary wine” because we memorably drank it first at an anniversary dinner at a wine country restaurant called Jory.

1980 Amity Vineyards Winemaker’s Reserve Pinot Noir – the folly of expecting much from a 31 year old wine is balanced by the sense of adventure in just what it might contain. We shall see.

2006 Sylvan Ridge Del Rio Portage Syrah Dessert Wine – from the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon comes this lovely little port for the dessert course. We hardly ever drink port, but it’s good to have one on hand. Unfortunately, it’s also the last bottle of port in my cellar, so it will have to do.


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