Posted by: David Stewart | December 13, 2011

Core work: A Pain in the Gut

Isn’t it funny how things change? I remember when I was a little kid, if I used the word "guts," as in "She has a lot of guts," I would be told not to curse.

Well, "guts" is a definite cuss word for me right now.

I basically fired my running coach in August, because changes in his life situation made him much less accessible. So after talking to friends for months and evaluating the options, I decided on my new running coach. She is a champion marathon runner herself and has a great reputation as a responsive and accessible coach.

My goal with the new coach is to improve on my PR of 3:29 for the marathon, set two years ago in December, 2009. I hate to state my goal so publically, but it’s to finish a marathon in under 3:20. This will require a ton of work. A ton of work! It was hard to achieve the sub-3:30 time, and as time marches on, age causes the amount of work to increase that much more to meet higher goals. Just to stay even takes a ton of work, much less improve.

This week is the first one with the new coach, and I decided to restart my daily series of core exercises and stretches.

Yeah, those guts are complaining a little bit now. Good. A strong core is essential for a runner to have an erect posture while running, and a strong core will enable me to keep a good posture even after three hours of running. And an erect posture is important for efficient air flow into and out of the lungs and efficient locomotion.

All good, and it all starts on the carpet, with planks, hip extensions, ball crunches. Oy.


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