Posted by: David Stewart | March 13, 2012

A Capsule Summary

If your wine bottle is closed with a cork, and you plan to cellar it for more than a few days, the usual best practice is to lay the bottle down on its side. This keeps the cork wet with wine and keeps it from drying out.

The other best practice is to store the bottle where it will have consistent temperature and little exposure to vibration or knocking about.

So although the wine label is one way to create a memorable impression, I think the foil capsule on the top of the bottle is an underutilized and memorable place to create identity.


These are a few of the capsule marks that stare out at me when I got to pick a wine to drink. Why do some producers neglect this? I think it’s because they are so concerned about what goes into the bottle that they lose track of little things like this.

From left to right, top to bottom, the capsules are from Eastburn, NxNW, Atticus, Willakenzie, Chateau Ste Michelle, King Estate, Rockblock (which I heard is a brand that is going away), Cliff Creek and Cooper Mountain. There are other memorable closures in my cellar from Domaine Serene, Domaine Drouhin, Raptor Ridge, Maysara and others.



  1. Can you tell me what wine the foil with the X on top is for by chance?

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