Posted by: David Stewart | April 13, 2012

Blue Like Jazz – the Movie

“Is this going to get weird?”

“Yeah, probably.”

What better way to frame the story of “Blue Like Jazz” than in the weird city of Portland, Oregon? And it is at Reed College, the very apex of Portland free thinking and free expression that college student Don decides to reject his conservative Texas upbringing and discover who he truly is.

To say that Don’s upbringing is discounted at Reed is mild; in fact it is openly ridiculed until he learns
to reject it himself. Along the way he pals up with other vivid characters like Penny, the object of his yearning and Lauryn, a lesbian he meets in the unisex bathroom, played by Tania Raymonde who was Alex in “Lost.”

And then, there’s The Pope.

Not the actual Pope, mind you, but a fellow student who wears papal garb, burns books he disagrees with and dispenses atheist advice to all who will listen.

And all of these, and Portland as well. The movie is shot almost as a love letter to the City of Roses, its bridges and public transit, its weirdness and it’s rain of course. But as Don realizes, Portland in winter is a
perfect place to have an existential crisis.

I highly recommend Blue Like Jazz. See it soon, since as a small independent film, you never know how long it will stay in theaters.


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