Posted by: David Stewart | May 15, 2012

Do the pictures of our past predict our future?

Several related photo revelations:

  • Today’s Flickr Blog taught me about a technique called “redscale” which basically means shooting regular old film backwards. The photos have a weird red cast to them because of shooting through the plastic layer of the film. The results are beautiful and mysterious like a lot of these weird techniques – check out the post to see what I mean. Yeah, non-digital!
  • My wife was very frustrated on vacation using simple point-and-shoot cameras in full sunshine. It’s because the image on the preview screen is too dim. “Shooting blind”. Maybe I just need to buy her a decent camera!
  • My friend Dirk has been playing with his new toy, a Nikon D800 camera, and posting the photos on the Internet. This caused me to read the specs on the new Canon 5D Mark III, which seems drool-worthy, but certainly unnecessary for me.
  • After borrowing cameras from my Dad for years, I bought my first camera around 1976 or so. It was a low-end Canon SLR. We used to call them “match needle” metering, because to set the exposure, you needed to line up a needle with a ring in the view finder. Focus was all manual. No zoom – if you wanted to use a telephoto, you needed to change lenses. I probably still have that camera around someplace.
  • At some point I moved up to the Canon A1, which was just an amazing film camera, and I used it for many years. But had some initial build issues which required a trip to the camera store to get addressed.
  • Now I use a Canon 50D, which was a gift to myself when we paid off the mortgage. Really was just two mortgage payments.
  • Although I love capturing travel images and the like, I am truly more of a technology geek than an artist. This is what drove me to build a darkroom in our current house and what makes me love to tweak things in Photoshop today.

I hope you enjoy the photos on my own Flickr page, which is by far the best photo sharing site in my opinion. It readily allows sharing through other sites and has great sharing an community features.


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