Posted by: David Stewart | May 26, 2012

Cap Confusion

Bazinga … I got confused by a couple of very similar Willamette Valley logos. Fortunately it wasn’t a disaster, but I wonder when it might become a problem.


I was buying a few bottles of Amalie Robert Pinot Noir from a local distributor. This is not the usual deal where you buy in the store; instead we did a separate deal over email and I met the guy at his car and he handed over my wine.

What was funny is that I was sure he brought me a much more expensive Archery Summit wine. Why? Mostly because the logo on the foil end cap was nearly the same.

The traditional packaging of wine, which uses a cork, usually wraps the neck of the bottle in what is called a foil cap. In the not-so-distant past, the cap was made with some kind of lead, so you had to be careful not to ingest any by accident. These days, I think another soft metal is used.

This cap is a nice place for the producer to place their mark. And in the wine cellar, if you store your bottles on their side, the neck cap is often the best way to identify a bottle so that you can pull the right one out to enjoy with your meal or give as a gift to someone.

Here are the two foil cap logos in question. One of them was a $28 Pinot from Amalie Robert. The other could be on a $150+ Pinot from Archery Summit. (It’s not, but let’s just pretend, OK?) Can you see my confusion? Can you easily tell one from the other?



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