Posted by: David Stewart | September 23, 2012

Hot tip – great prices on some amazing years of Oregon Pinot Noir. Fantastic if you live here in the Portland, Oregon area but still great to order over the internet.

I’m always looking for a good deal on good wine.

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area or can order over the internet for your state, there are some really good deals at VInopolis on Belle Pente Pinot Noir wines from some outstanding years.

Normally, the good years sell out rapidly, and if you missed out on them you are out of luck. I can’t believe Vinopolis still has these in stock. The years are 2006, 2007 and 2008. You will end up paying between $27 and $37 for these, so if you are looking for a great sub-$20 Oregon Pinot, this isn’t them. But these years from Belle Pente are amazing. The different wines are from the Belle Pente vineyard, the Murto vineyard and the estate reserve, which is the most expense.

2006 – we really like the 2006 Belle Pente wines, and they still have them available .The ones we bought and cellared are developing really nicely, and the early zing is mellowing out.

2007 – although the year was initially panned by the press as being terrible, this cooler year was an opportunity for the great winemakers to shine. The 2007 Belle Pentes are elegant and Burgundian in character.

2008 – The best year of the decade for Willamette Valley wines. These are stellar values, whether you drink them now or save them for a little longer.

Enjoy. Save a few bottles for me.


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