Posted by: David Stewart | April 1, 2013

Sabbatical #2 – The TIFO Trip

I’m incredibly fortunate to work for a company that gives its employees in US a sabbatical. This means that I am eligible for an extended paid time off to get recharged for work.

Our last sabbatical was in 2004, and our family of four arranged a “something for everyone” trip. This included visits to Japan, China, Thailand, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, England and Disneyland. This combined with a solo camping trip to the Oregon Outback. It was an amazing and memorable time.

Now that our kids are adults and on to their own lives, it’s just my wife and I, and we’re being a little more focused. I call it the TIFO itinerary:

Turkey – two weeks driving around the country with my sister and her husband

Israel – a week driving around and hopefully hitting some spots in Palestine and perhaps Jordan

France – driving around some of the wine country, Rhone, Burgundy, Champagne

Orlando – to visit our daughter who will be working at Disney World

Departing mid-April. I’ll try to post things online as we go.

On our last Sabbatical, I was able to run every day with a one rest day per week. I hope to do the same this time.


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