Posted by: David Stewart | June 4, 2013

Notes on the TIFO Sabbatical

My employer is really terrific. One of the best benefits they offer is an eight week paid sabbatical with every seven years of full-time service.

People can use this time for anything they want to.

I recently completed my second sabbatical and took a few notes and photos along the way. I called this the TIFO Sabbatical:

Turkey – We spent a week in Istanbul and a week driving around from Ephesus to Cappadocia. We had talked about hanging out in Turkey for a while now with my sister Susan and her husband Court, so it was great to finally experience this amazing country with them.

Israel – After Susan and Court went home to Myanmar, Deb and I spent a week in Israel visiting the famous sites around the holy land and relaxing on the beach in Tel Aviv.

France – After a day or so in Barcelona, we picked up a car in Montpellier and drove through Provence, Lyon, Burgundy and Champagne, taking about two weeks for this adventure.

Orlando – Finally flying out of Paris we spent about a week visiting our youngest daughter at her job in DIsney World.

Turkey, Israel, France, Orlando – TIFO!


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