Posted by: David Stewart | June 20, 2013

Tel Aviv: Emergency Camera Repair and Great Food

This is part of a series of posts about our Spring 2013 trip


Monday, April 29

Once we got to Tel Aviv, we had been going pretty much non-stop for two weeks of travel, so we decided to take a little vacation from our vacation, taking care of important business.  First, we acquired a SIM card and data for Deb’s phone, which required multiple stops at a shopping center. Then we took a walk on the beach and had lunch at a shwarma place just across the street. Excellent meat and hummus with hot sauce plus salad.

We did take a walking tour of the city as recommended by our guidebook, starting at the Carmel Market and walking towards the Shalom Tower, the first skyscraper in Israel. The tour highlighted the variety of classic and sometimes quirky architecture in the city. However, it was getting really hot and we were kind of wilting in the heat. So we stopped at a place called the Chocolate Bar which is an outlet of Max Brenner, and had a cold treat. Afterwards, we bailed out on the rest of the walking tour and headed back to the apartment by way of the beach to take advantage of a cooling breeze.

EMERGENCY Camera Repair: One piece of business we needed to solve was my broken camera lens. My main travel lens is a fantastic Canon 18-200mm zoom with auto-stabilization. But something got jarred in the lens at some point in Turkey, and I was unable to zoom it below 50mm. This was not a complete disaster since I could still take pictures. But without the 18-50mm wide-angle range, I would have missed a lot of great shots.

Deb was able to find a camera shop close to our apartment and close to where she got her SIM card. I asked them for their advice, and they directed me to another shop about a half mile away called Interphoto. This place was a two generation shop with Mom, Dad and son working together. They thought they could repair the lens for about $125, and thought it could be done by 9:30 the next morning. Sounded like a good way to rescue my picture taking, so I went for it. It ended up taking an extra day to get fixed, but it was absolutely worth it to have it working again.

Hurray for Interphoto, 19 Allenby St, Tel Aviv! They did a great job and rescued my photos for the remainder of our trip.

On our way to the camera shop, we saw a laundry, which was good since we needed to get some clothes washed.  We decided to leave them off the next day on the way to pick up the lens at the camera shop.

Salads at Big Itzak, Jaffa

That night for dinner, we went into Jaffa to Big Itzak, which is by far my favorite place in Tel Aviv for Middle Eastern food. They absolutely cover the table with salads, maybe 14 of them, and most of them were really interesting and good. It’s hard to remember all of them, but we had a couple of eggplant, cabbage, beat, potatoes, hummus, baba ganouch, and mixed cucumbers and tomatoes. In addition, Deb had a skewer and I erroneously ordered lamb cutlets, which were kind of spendy ($38).



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