Posted by: David Stewart | July 15, 2013

Running Equals Work

Running is full of amazing and special experiences:

  • There is nothing like the feeling of running on a crisp fall day, kicking up clouds of fallen leaves with your feet.
  • Running together with buddies, swapping tall tales, chewing over the day’s news or your life’s memories
  • Solitary runs where you can think over a problem or consider a course of action
  • Discovering a new neighborhood or new country from foot level

But there are times when running can be painful, difficult or just plain boring.  There is no question that to improve your running results, you just need to get out there and work at it.

Last summer I was doing some speed training around the track at a local high school. One of my college-age daughters was spending the summer living at home and decided to bike over to the track and run a little bit as well and talk about some things. She told me, in very her frank and honest way, that it didn’t look like I was having much fun.

Well, duh.

Speed training, or lactate threshold training, is intended to push you a little beyond where you are comfortable. This builds up aerobic conditioning, helps joints to take speed better. In effect, you need to practice going faster to go faster as a practice.

But it’s not fun. The results are fun, but the speed training itself isn’t.

I’m in the phase of my training now where I feel mostly sore, hungry , all work and no improvement. But I know improvement will come. I know it because I’ve been here before. It takes work.


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