Posted by: David Stewart | December 18, 2014

Glove on, glove … not off?

Glove onWith the cold weather season now in play in the northern part of the world, a runner has some serious disincentives to get out into the cold and get their training runs in. I’ll avoid running on a treadmill unless the weather is utterly tragic because it’s so boring. So here in the Portland, Oregon area, that means dealing with rain, wind, cold and darkness.

Running gloves are marvelous. Sometimes its just the psychological crutch I need to brave the weather. Wicking fabric keeps sweaty hands warm. Maybe too warm! Many times I have started a run with fingers nearly numb from cold, but in a few miles my hands are too hot to keep the gloves on because the aerobic engine is revved up.

Commonly in a longer run, I’ll find my gloves going on and off: I’ll start out with cold hands, then they get too warm, then they get cold again because I’ve turned a corner or changed direction and the wind has come up. On. Off. On. Off. Sound familiar?

Glove half-offHere’s a handy tip: Half-off. Keep the fingers engaged in the finger holes but unwrap your thumb. This keeps the gloves conveniently available to put them on again. And the fingers are often the part which needs warming.


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