Posted by: David Stewart | January 2, 2015

Where I go to learn about wine – Best of 2014

I’ve seen that look in the wine isle at the grocery store. Countless bottles lined up staring at you with their mysterious label names. Maybe you just want a bottle of something for dinner that won’t be repulsive to you. You know in the past what you had before that you liked, can you find it? Find something similar? Maybe just go with that cute label with the kangaroo?

Often I see people scan the bottles, shake their heads and leave empty handed.

When you want to learn more about wine, it can be more than a bit intimidating. Where to start?

Here are some great places to start.

  • Wine Folly – This blog is consistently excellent at explaining wine concepts and illustrating them with infographics, pictures and videos. You can browse through various wine making regions, or learn about basic topics like how to pick the right glassware and how to pour wine without making a mess. I subscribe to this blog and regularly enjoy the posts.
  • The Wine Economist – Don’t get scared now. I know mixing economics with anything can be the kiss of deadly boredom. Surprisingly, Mike Veseth does a delightful job thinking big thoughts about business in the wine world and blogging about them instructively. Check out his classic book, “Wine Wars: The Curse of the Blue Nun, the Miracle of Two Buck Chuck and the Revenge of the Terroirists.
  • The Reverse Wine Snob – There is a ton of tasting information here about wines which are reasonably priced and very accessible in the US. I have to admit that there is so much information which comes out here, it’s too much for me to keep up with regularly.
  • Terroirist – More in the oversharing department, this blog bills itself as a daily wine blog, and they totally live up to it. Every day they post a summary of new wine posts on web sites, blogs and media sites. A fantastic way to catch the daily pulse of the online wine world.

Many wine shops or online wine distributors send out regular email blasts about what they are offering. I subscribe to a few of these, and find them helpful as well. Many wineries produce their own e-newsletters as well.

Here are a couple of oddball blogs I visit as well:

  • Hosemaster of Wine – This is strictly an irreverent comedy blog written by a Sommelier and wine blogger. Most of the entries use NSFW language, so I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it. But some of the entires are roll-on-the-ground funny.
  • Vinography – I really really wish this blog would fix its darn RSS feed so I could read it from my chosen RSS reader, The content is usually good, but I hate it when sites are not properly designed or maintained.

I really wish there were more blogs focused on Oregon wines. These are a few to check out that I have just started reading.

  • Wine Harlots – I’ve just started checking out this Oregon-focused wine blog. The posts are generally excellent.
  • The Real Wine Julia – Julia Crowley is based in Eugene, Oregon, and has been a local newspaper / television / blog commentator on wine.
  • The Wine Snob – Yes, I know I recommended the Reverse Wine Snob above, but this one doesn’t seem too snobby or purist. The writer was in the trade, as they say, in South Carolina and recently moved to Carlton, Oregon, ground zero for Willamette Valley wines. This one also shows a lot of promise.


  1. Nice David. I don’t have time to read a lot of blogs but I’ll try and check these out.

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