Running in the Rain – the blog of David C. Stewart.



  1. Can you help me find the man who is a team lead of OpneSolaris development now? Thanks. John

  2. Sure, will send something to your email address.

  3. i cant even tell you how much gorgeous moblin is..

  4. Dave, Did you ever work for a carnival at a fair there in Oregon? If so, I know you….if not there is another Dave Stewart that did…

  5. Sorry for using this media, but I am looking for your current e-mail contact (dstewart@eng.umd.edu is no longer available). The subject is related to a paper written by you, Gertz and Khosla, around 15 years ago. Thanks and sorry again for any inconvenience.

  6. Dave! Hi! This is Amy J from SPC days. Trying to reach you but having trouble (I’m not the most technologically connected person there is…). Can you pls email me? Thank you! Amy

  7. Amy – I need your email address before I can send you something!

  8. Hi Amy – send me your email address and I’ll email you

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